October 19, 2011

‘You guys are awesome! Big thanks for your creative shots and capturing the moments that will remain with me forever:) Cheers!’

BestianKelly Thank you

‘Just want to let you know the album is just simply perfect and the moments you captured it’s so close to my heart. Thank you so much and keep the good work :) ‘ – Nandini & Rubun

‘Well Done!!! Both of you really had captured all the moments along our wedding ceremony! Memory will fade away (esp to me who has a very bad memory…hehe), but photos will remind us each of every moment we had been through on that Day! The feeling after watched the clip is unexplainable…I guess all married couples would understand part of the feeling…Thank You so much to both of you for the hard work walking around just to capture those moments! We are glad that we had you guys as our photographers,we are very satisfied with all the shots =) Besides our family members, only you two had been together with us to witness the whole ceremony from KK to Taiping…and for sure it’s one of the Sweetest Moment for Simon and I to cherish =) Thanks once again..’ – Sheau Yen & Simon

‘Hi BestianKelly, you guys is the best…really rock and roll, all of your images really stunning and we are really happy with the service that you guys provided.’ – Mesh Naidu

‘Very nice, Bestian & Kelly, thank you so much!’ – Munis & Santhi

‘Bestian & Kelly, excellant job! thanks so much!’ – Vinood & Berintha