Let’s ask yourself a simple question.
Do you remember some unique moments/experience you encounter yesterday
(apart from your usual daily routine)?
How about 1 month ago? Or 1 year ago?

How details are you able to recall?
The feeling that given to you on that unique moments you encounter.
How clear your vision towards that experience you were imagining right now?
How many percent you able to recall back?

Will you remember that moment for the rest of you life?
Would you like to share that experience to the one you love and cherish to feel the same feeling as close to as you felt?

These are some common questions arise where Wedding Day Photographer come to your mind.
They need to be part of your life on the day.

But, why must be “Wedding Day Photographer?”
Why not my friends/family members or who owned a good and expensive camera?

Everyone agree, a picture speaks a thousand words.
For me a picture is just another type of language we speak.
The more you practice the better your vocabulary for photography.
The better you able to express what you want to say through a picture.

Refer below link to understand why.

Just because Wedding Day Photographer able to freeze the moment and express out the thousand words that hard to be express by us verbally. It able to triggers your brain and refresh back you memories on the day. Just like how it was felt yesterday.

Because you want to cherish that small little things…The small little things you know you will slowly forgotten after years to come with all the stages of life you will be going through later.

The small little things… each and every little things like;

  • the fresh flowers that you bought personally all the way from Cameron Highland

  • the arch that you get your friends to build and help to decorate

  • the entrance decoration

  • your wedding car decoration

  • custom car plate (you search high and low just to fabricate it)

Your small little emotional too like…

  • your small talks

  • your gestures

  • your small laughters together

  • your emotional

  • the important people during the day

  • and more…

You want to remind yourself back on all that small little things… Felt exactly the same feeling back in those years… a sweet memories with emotional tears and feel the chills on your skin… and you able to clearly recall and share it out verbally to your children… your grandchild…

Part of your big decision in life that lead you to today.
How sweet is that…